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Improve Newman Documention for Custom Reports ( 2 3 ) (53)
Request Generation from WSDL (5)
Recognise hypermedia controls - Plug-ins (1)
Any way to change the test's name (3)
Postman > Bit Bucket Integration (11)
Disable or redefine keyboard shortcuts (1)
Enable globals use on monitor (1)
Custom snippets in Body, Pre-request and Tests (2)
Workflow change: Add hotkey for defined request (1)
Handle authorization by tokentype Bearertoken the same as for tokentype token (1)
Create shorthand for pm.environment.set("varName", value) === pm.env.set("varName", value) (1)
Allow variables in cookie values (1)
Improve test failure reporting in the Postman app - Show line of code that caused fail (1)
Console.clear() (2)
Clear console keyboard shortcut (1)
Embed postman console into native app and allow split view option (2)
Improve Work spaces - Collections/Environments that are shared, should be versioned and updated by the owner once they are happy locally (2)
Include inherited authentication in Documentation (6)
Support OpenId Connect Authorization Type (1)
GitLab Private Servers (1)
Deleting Methods (GET, POST, PUT etc.) - Why!? (3)
Allow Users to "lock" certain Environment Variables so they're not overwritten/removed (3)
Retain an item's type when saving it as a Postman Environment Variable (1)
Improve postman.setNextRequest() (3)
Dark theme - darker! (1)
Environments support for client certificates (1)
Add json query response formatter (1)
Update Env button (1)
Post body from swagger (1)