Feature requests

Deleting Methods (GET, POST, PUT etc.) - Why!? (3)
Allow Users to "lock" certain Environment Variables so they're not overwritten/removed (3)
Retain an item's type when saving it as a Postman Environment Variable (1)
Improve postman.setNextRequest() (3)
Dark theme - darker! (1)
Environments support for client certificates (1)
Add json query response formatter (1)
Update Env button (1)
Post body from swagger (1)
Customize token auth (2)
Need to create a static url to link to (1)
Move folders in a collection to another collection / folder (4)
Create request from curl CLI command (3)
Add "Last Executed On" timestamp to the UI (1)
Open terminal inside postman (2)
The response example supports comments (1)
GET request params do not show up in documentation (6)
Open default browser when login use google (1)
Exportable src value for file upload parameter in form-data (1)
Add support for REPORT HTTP method (4)
Documentation Password Protection (5)
Description in Bulk Edit mode (2)
Is gRPC support coming? (1)
Support for .pem or .pfx Files (3)
Monitors: Ability to Schedule/Suspend Monitors in a time frame (1)
Runner specific variables (3)
Trim variables in environment (1)
Avatar image upload not working (1)
Ability to name or add notes to each collection run (1)
Detailed error message display when running Collections with Data File in Postman App (or newman) (1)