Add support for REPORT HTTP method

For complex idempotent requests (for example, when you have many nested options for a report), the GET verb has a significant number of limitations - there’s a max limit to the data you can send, and while you can pass in a body to a GET request, it is considered non-standard. Sometimes developers will use a POST method to get around this, but this violates REST API conventions even further.

To this end, the REPORT verb has been created to address these limitations for this exact scenario (as described in more detail here: Can this HTTP method please be added to Postman so we can better test our endpoints?

For reference, here are the RFCs for the REPORT HTTP method amongst others:


Thanks for the request! We are making verbs customizable so that any HTTP verb can be added as requests for new verbs keep coming up. This has been pending for a long time due to several issues tied together.

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Just wondering if this is now possible or do you have an update? I’m trying to test CalDav endpoints using the REPORT HTTP Verb.

The only update I have is that this feature has been added to our near-term roadmap :slight_smile:

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