Api Documentation self host

I am using postman pro for api documentation. I would like to self host or locally spit out the documentation to put on my server. Is this possible? If so how is this done? Thank you.

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You can host the documentation on your custom domain, but there’s not currently a way to self host.

To spit it out locally, you can export the underlying collection as JSON, but it would be a manual process to convert that to your documentation HTML. As an alternative, some folks will embed the collection as a Run in Postman button on their internal developer portals or wikis, but it sounds like you’re looking for the fully rendered documentation.

Thank you for you response, unfortunately either of those solutions will not work for me. But, is there a plan to have postman spit out documentation as a fully rendered document in the works?

I don’t believe so. But you’re welcome to submit a feature request or upvote an existing one.