Can I Publish my Collection's Documentation But Restrict Who Can Access It?

We’ve built out our documentation using Postman and are publishing it to a custom domain. Is there a way to only allow certain people to access the documentation?

Hi @amanda! At this time no, this is not possible. Here’s a statement from @abhinav, our CEO, about it:

Documentation is not a static HTML/CSS page that we can publish. There are several other systems that will complement docs as part of the full SaaS offering for Pro/Enterprise (annotations, versioning, real-time collaboration etc.). We’ll re-open this thread if plans change. I’d recommend using an external library for converting and hosting docs privately if needed.

If anything changes, we’ll be sure to publish it here and on our public roadmap! :sparkles:

We have the same need.

But I failed to get the reasoning here. “Documentation is not a static HTML/CSS page that we can publish” does not implies “It can not be password-protected”.
That would be a very valuable feature for our company.

Would it be possible, at least, to create postman users with doc-only access. These users should not be charged has they are not really team users.