Cannot import swagger 2.0 file anymore (it was working before updating to 7.2.2)


I’m trying to import a swagger (yaml or json) file generate from my NSX-T manager.

I was able to import it without any issue, but since I updated postman to 7.2.2 I cannot import it anymore. I have little info in the logs:

[requester][error][“Swagger 2 ~ Failed to import Swagger 2.0”,“Error importing Swagger 2.0 spec”]

any idea what’s wrong?

many thanks



I am having the same error. But, oddly in v7.3.2 which is no longer on the website.

I am having the same issue on 7.2.2.

Error while importing Swagger 2.0: (Patchable parameter.type is mandatory for non-body parameters.

I reverted back to 7.2.0 and now it works. You can find the download here:

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Hello Phil,

thank you very much. back to 7.2.0 and I was able to import the yaml again.


I am having the same issue. 7.2.2 won’t let me import swagger 2.0. It worked on the previous version. I upgraded to 7.3.4, but doesn’t work. And the download link for 7.2.0 is not there anymore, so… I can’t downgrade neither. currently I have no solution to import swagger 2.0 JSON file…


I have downloaded the 7.2.0 you can find it here:

hi Eric, you have Mac OS version by any chance :slight_smile: ?

check the same link I’ve uploaded the OSX version :wink: