Collection-> Folder -> Request execution steps

I propose a way to allow Collection, folder, request/response pre and post-code execution to run.
The current order is Collection pre, folder pre, request pre, collection post, folder post, then response post.

I would like to see:
Collection pre, (folder pre, (request pre, response post)…(request_n_, response_n_), folder post)…(folder pre, (request pre, response post)…(request_n_, response_n_), folder_n_ post), collection post.

Great thought. The diagram really made it detailed and easy to understand. The intention of the present execution order is to maintain statelessness in some way - thereby making it easier for users.

It also facilitates for writing common tests and other repeated request level scripting.

You could achieve what you described by sending the request name within an it condition in the folder level scripts.

I also think that some point in time we would look into fine grained execution controls and visit this requirement of yours to be included.