Copy id_token from manage access tokens

I’m trying to use Postman to test a REST service that is protected using JWT tokens retrieved from Auth0 ( If I enter the details for Auth0 into Postman and get an access token I get back the following access token data:

result → success
access_token → t2YBYE…
id_token → eyJ0eX…
token_type → bearer#=

To access the service I want to test I need to send the id_token value in a header. However, by default Postman will use the access_token value and there’s no possibility to choose otherwise.

It would be nice if it was possible to choose the token you want to use to send in the authorization header somehow.

@sandeep_varma I am not familiar with Auth0 all that much but I would like to better understand the issue you are facing.

Can you give us some more information on exactly what you are doing? What I am most interested in is the call to Auth0 to get the JWT. I am trying to figure the issue out myself but as mentioned, not familiar with Auth0 and how they create JWT’s


I am using postman to generate AuthO token. I am using Oauth 2.0 to generate that when i click on Get new access token and enter all required information it is generating both Access token and Id_token where in my case Id_token id JWT token. i want to copy that to my authorization but i am not able to do that every time it is copying Access token. it would be helpful for me some how i can copy id_token

@sandeep_varma I think I understand what you are trying to do.
Can you provide me a sample of the response body from this Auth call? Just remove or edit the data, I only really need to schema of whats returned.