Create request from curl CLI command

It’s great to be able to directly copy a curl command line from postman.

Having it the over way around would be great as well.
Example use case:

  • using chrome, opening the devtools, going to the network section.
  • right-clicking a request and then “Copy as curl”
  • go to postman, click “import” (or in the “Add request” modal?) and just copy the CLI command there.
  • postman parses the curl CLI arguments (-H, -d, the URL, -X and so on) and populates a new request with it.

What do you think of it?

Did you know you can generate a code snippet as cURL, and also import cURL under the Paste Raw Text tab?

Or did you mean to be able to do this by right-clicking and opening a context menu, more of a UX suggestion?

Hi joyce,

I was not aware of that ( and it is exactly what I’m searching.

Thank you very much.