Deleting Methods (GET, POST, PUT etc.) - Why!?


I just noticed this in Postman, the ability to delete request methods/verbs…
Out of curiosity, why is this offered?

And if one is deleted by mistake, how do you get it back?

I understand there’s a bunch of methods that 90% of regular users wouldn’t use, surely it be best to move the option of ‘default’ request methods to the settings area?


Hi @pfarrell, you can go through the issue and the comment by @harryi3t here :slight_smile:


Hey @pfarrell,

This is the first time we are allowing our users to have additional methods as well remove the default methods. In the first cut we intentionally didn’t make any assumptions.
Please note that deleting any method won’t affect request sending flows or opening existing requests in a new tab. While creating new requests you won’t see that method in the dropdown.
To get them back, as @sivcan has already mentioned, you can see the linked issue comment. You can always type the method and click on save.