Detailed error message display when running Collections with Data File in Postman App (or newman)

When I run my script as a collection using data files, I’m not getting the specifics of the error message that would be spit out by the app if I was running it as a standalone with a data file.

For e.g I have the following in my script :

pm.test("Check that is not null", function() {

for (i = 0; i < d.length; i++) {

pm.expect(d[i], “reason for failure is foo for “ + d[i].title );

pm.expect(d[i], “reason for failure is foo for “ + d[i].title ”);



If I run that in the postman app (with just one value and thus no data file) and the test fails, then the message ‘reason for failure is foo’ that’s in the pm.expect statement get printed out.

But if I run it as a Collection with a data file, I just get

“Check that is not null” failed

My d[i] array can be very big, so I need to know which row it failed for thus I need to know d[i].title’s value.

Right now I can’t see that value when I run it as part of a Collection with a data file.

All the above applies when I run via command line newman as well.

If this feature already exists, then can you point me to the specific help page. I didn’t see anything in the documentation re this.