Disable Specific Tests in a Folder from Being Run by Test Runner

Currently when you execute tests via the runner, it will run all the tests in a given collection or folder.

Would be really great if we could selectively disable certain tests in a folder or collection from being run.

The only way to handle it at the moment is to copy tests to a new folder and only run that specific folder.

Reasons it would be nice is if we set up monitoring against a specific folder or collection, we can choose what tests to ignore, or we can temporarily disable misbehaving tests from test runs, in order to reduce noise.

Right now the only way I can temporarily disable tests is by going to the Request, then the test tab, and commenting it out. But then I have to remember which Requests I did this for.

So if we could disable them from the sidebar view, and have them grey out to indicate the Request or Tests are disabled from the runner, that would be amazing.