Get all Console output to CSV

I need document all the request and responses that I’m testing. Currently what I do is copy and paste to Excel every request and its response from the Postman Console, but it’s very hard to do every day with several requests. I tried by newman but I couldn’t find a way to get the complete and real request/responses that Postman runs. How can export the Console output data? from Postman, from Newman or from some log, both can be useful to avoid copy&paste every time.

Hey @sebadiaz.working,

Would this reporter be of use to you? It will create a report with the information you require.

Thanks @dannydainton. It isn’t that I wanted but it would be very useful for me in other aspects. Currently, I don’t see any difference when I add " --reporter-htmlextra-logs" after the “-r htmlextra”. I mean, the html report as the same size and the same details. Any suggestion?

What versions of the reporter and Newman do you have?

If you have console logs in your collection and you use that flag they should be shown on the report.

Mmm it’s extrange. There isn’t difference with that flag. Newman is 4.5.5 and newman-reporter-htmlextra is 1.9.2.

Without knowing more about the Collection and what you’re currently looking at it’s going to be difficult to offer any advice here.

If you have console.log() statements in your requests and you enable the CLI flag, that’s all you need. You can open an issue on the repo if you believe there is an issue with the reporter - I would be able to this investigate further.