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@juliatetrud As an Admin shouldn’t I have the ability to “Manage Roles” on any collection within our Team? Right now there is a collection that I didn’t create that is locked, but when I go to Manage Roles it says I don’t have permissions.



Hi @mick.mcbride - I mentioned this to one of our engineers and we’re working on fixing that bug as soon as we can! I’ll update you here when I get more info.



@mick.mcbride - here’s the GitHub issue we created:

We hope to fix the issue very soon!


Thank you!!!


Hi again @mick.mcbride - So I was incorrect about that. It seems that this is actually not a bug. Apparently team admins can only manage team-wide roles, i.e. assign other admins, billing users, and developers, but they don’t have access to every single collection. The owner of the collection or any team member who has editor access on the collection will have to assign you the editor role for the collection to allow you to manage it. Sorry for the initial mistake!

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Managing New Permissions after upgrade to version 7

That seems like something a team admin should have the rights to do.



@mick.mcbride - This functionality is something we’ve discussed, but didn’t make it into the initial release of role-based access control. We’ve seen this requested from a number of our users since releasing v7, and we’re now looking at how best to add it to Postman in a future release.