Hard termination of postman pro trial without warning hurts


My team has been getting started with postman over the past couple weeks. Today I’m supposed to be getting a new service deployed and I was going to test it with postman before deploying it, but I’m stuck now that postman’s pro trial expired today (or over the weekend?) and my coworker who authored the checks – and the only one with admin access to upgrade to pro – is stuck in meetings all day. So. Stuck.
I get that y’all need to make money and getting people started with a pro trial is a good way to show how useful it is. I just wish there was a reminder while you’re on trial that “X days of trial remaining - upgrade to pro now to keep access to team libraries!” or something. That way we’d have already upgraded to pro and I wouldn’t be here writing this email explaining how your product is preventing this feature from going out.


We really appreciate the feedback, Charles. It’s been forwarded to the appropriate team internally, and I’ve sent you a PM :grin:.