Highlight changed fields

On a saved tab, highlight or change the colour of fields that have been edited.
So that I know whether or not I want to discard the changes I’ve made.
What’s the usecase?
Requests with a mix of fields where it does or doesn’t matter whether changes are saved/discarded.

I tend to mess around with my api requests. When I change the body or the parameters of a request I generally care whether or not I discard those changes - but I don’t necessarily remember whether or not I made those changes since my last save. I also have to change my api token header on most requests when my login times out, which marks my tab as edited. Do I care whether or not I save this change? No, I’ll have to change it next time anyway. Have I forgotten which fields I’ve changed and accidentally saved a dodgy request or even a request to a different url only to discover it in a month or two, causing me to think the api was badly broken? Hoho, yes sirree.