How to capture response body data in Newman result report


The thread contains this information…just scroll up :point_up_2:t2: :grin:


Looks awesome.
This should just replace the default HTML template from Newman ha :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha - To be fair, it’s basically the same code with a few changes to it. It’s not really a rewrite but it feels like I have some form of control over the changes, I can also add what ever I like in there :grin:

I’ve tried looking around the different repos to see what the main things that people would like to see in the report.

I’m going to have a go at the console logs next, I semi had something working but I wasn’t really happy with it.

Any additional features that you feel is needed would be some welcome feedback :grin:


Hello @dannydainton,

Good Morning…, no files here, i can find images only … No code related doc’s …



This is the reporter link here that @dannydainton posted which I am not sure why you weren’t able to look up: We have made the newman report generation system pluggable so people can build their own view. It is not the responsibility of the plug-in creator to customize something exactly according to your wishes.


@dannydainton Thanks for posting! We are looking into improving the reporting system in Postman comprehensively. Seeing plug-ins come up by the community helps a lot.



Copy to Clipboard, was not copying the whole response …its like limited characters only


Ok, I would obviously need about 100% more information to have a look in to that. :slight_smile: I don’t really know where to go with its like limited characters only :slight_smile:

There is a newer version than that one, out now, where I’ve changed some things on the syntax highlighting, Copying JSON seems to be ok but I still need to look at the XML responses…those are always a bit hit and miss.

As a decent workaround, you could always just manually Copy and Paste the text in front of you :slight_smile:


I’ve hopefully fixed this in the 1.2.6 version. :slight_smile:


Hi dannydainton,

Good Morning…

I"m trying to do report changes like iteration on Top of Request in Requests Tab…

Here Im sending sample template…Please help on this like could share steps of how to build the report.



I don’t know what you’ve even tried, to even begin helping you.

It looks like you’ve just dropped some html from somewhere else, on top of the default style.

I would just create a new template and concentrate on figuring out what you want from that tab effect. Then look at merging the 2 or better, create a new templete for you to use, in your context.

Unless it’s an actual bug, I can’t really help as the templates are the users preference.


what I’m asking, I need report template like Iterarions menu on Top of the Request Tab Page


Have you tried creating a new template?

This is not something that I’m going to spend time on, creating reports to suit your own needs, is solely the responsibility of the user.

Postman has designed the reporters to enable users to create thier own reports. It’s impossible for me to know exactly what everone wants to display on the report and then create a generic template to capture all of that information. The report would be a mess :grin:

The default template is there, to just create an initial output from the tool. Its the same for all the HTML reporters, the next step is for users, like yourself, to create something different/separate that works for you.

Unless it’s an absolutely fundamental flaw in the code and the functionality causes the report to render something I didn’t forsee…I’m not updating the report.

I will, in time, create additional templates to possibly include things like a Tabbed iteration version but that time is not now and not close enough for me to place a time against it. :grin:


I didn’t think that I would have anything created by now but following some of the awesome work mentioned earlier in this thread, I’ve added a ‘workable’ iteration menu on the Requests tab.

Haven’t had a great deal of time with this so I have no doubt that there might be issues but it’s in a usable state for now. I’m sure there is an issue if all the requests are in a single folder and you select more than 1 iteration…I’ll try and fix that :slight_smile: