How to sync testing script from old collection to updated collection

Hello all,

I am currently working on a project, my lead asks me to do the api testing while developing the project, so I will need to import apis from swagger to postman whenever there’s an update.

So please advice me how to copy/transfer/etc. the testing script from old to new collection.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Aoie,

You can learn about importing from Swagger from the Postman Learning Centre

Let me know if this helps.

Hello, thanks for the reply.
Maybe I didn’t describe my question clease :S, but I know how to import collections from Swagger.

My scenario of question is, If I import ver.1 of collection from Swagger, and I wrote testing script in pre-request and test sections. but they only show in ver.1, so each time I update my APIs I’ll need to re-write all the testing scripts again if Ithere’s ver.2/3/4…etc.