How to view the collection of a given request tab

Hi guys,

Given this scenario.
Postman UI, with a lot of collections created and listed on the left-hand menu, and lots of requests tabs from different collections open.

Now, say you want to close some of those open request tabs.

Is there a simple way to see to which collection the request tab to be closed, belongs to ?

I have tried scrolling through the list of collections on the left-hand side, hoping to see some visual (color difference) indication of the collection in question, but I do not see any info along this line.

I also tried doing a “Save As” on the request tab, hoping that the collection would be somehow singled-out in the “SAVE REQUEST” pop-up box, from the list of all collections shown, but I cannot find any info or visual indication this way either.

I have the feeling that the info is in front of me but somehow I cannot see it.

Any hint would be welcome.


Hey @beroca, thanks for writing in. The active request selected in a tab is highlighted in the collection in the sidebar. However, this only works if, for example, the collection / folder in which the request resides is open. We know this isn’t the most reliable way of finding out the parent folder / collection and we’re working on improving this.

Another rather odd way of finding your parent folder / collection would be to go into the Authorization tab of your request. If you have Inherit Auth from Parent selected, the empty state on the right will actually show you the name of the collection.


Thanks a lot @vk.postman !
The 2 options you mention work.

Agree, that making the relation (request, collection) easier to visualize would be helpful.
Nonetheless, your suggestions are very useful in the meantime : )