Improper newman report

I just made simple loop in my script like making 1 call to hit 10 times inbetween somewhere in collection. When I run it in Newman, I am getting improper report.

Let’s assume,
Total number of request - 10
In the middle I am looping the 5th request for 5 times ( changing value of
"a " mentioned below )


I am changing value of “a” as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and hitting it over and over again.

It’s successfully running in postman app and Newman console too. But the problem is when I try to generate the html report.

It’s printing like
{Url}/car/{1}.for those looped requests… same 1st value for five times.

If any of my request is not looped, report is proper. But this look really horrible.

If i don’t loop anything, it’s working fine.

try this scenario too :
Just create 4 request with 2 test condition each . Loop it for 5 times. So you will get 20 request and 40 test conditions right.? Generate html report through newman and see the report.

Check this post, moving forward in the post, you’ll find what you need :sunglasses:

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