Improve Work spaces - Collections/Environments that are shared, should be versioned and updated by the owner once they are happy locally



After using Git for my previous API tests (not in Postman), it’s frustrating using shared collections/environments in work spaces in Postman.

My Main Frustration:

  • If I have written a test collection in Postman and shared it with my Team Work Space, they are now able to see/run these tests.
  • However, I feel like I can no longer work on this collection as any changes I make are updated in the team work space in real time.
  • Ideally, collections/environments that are shared via Work spaces should be versioned.
  • After sharing with my team, I should be able to continue to work locally without effecting the shared collection.
  • Once I feel like I have finished with the local collection and I’m ready for my team to have the latest version, I should be able to “push” or “update” the collection that is shared with the current version I have locally.


  • If I’m refactoring collections that are already shared with my work space (or being used in CI) I don’t want their tests to fail due to me making changes locally and it’s in the middle of a test run.

Converting team to personal workspace

Needs git integration.