Ipv6 Post Request does not work



Hii everyone,

I am having troubles doing a POST request using Postman.

this is the url I am using: https://[fe80::4e76:5209:e389:6ce9%en0]:8443/api/data

As you can see I have specified the interface I want to use, in this case: en0

My request includes a json body and some specific keys, which I disclose in the following CURL request:

curl -vk -H -g “User-Agent: Client/1.0.0” -H “Content-Type: application/json; charset=US-ASCII” --user xxxx:xxxx -d ‘{“some_data”: “data”}’ -XPOST ‘https://[fe80::4e76:5209:e389:6ce9%en0]:8443/api/data’

The server uses SSL, but I have disabled the usage of it both in the CURL request and in Postman.

What happens is that my request works using CURL but it does not using Postman.
I also have tracked the packets with Wireshark and I see packets flowing when I am using the CURL but nothing when I use Postman, so I guess Postman is not sending anything through my wifi interface.

Thanks for any advice.