Load environment vars from a system file path

Environment variables change frequently and having to update using the postman UI is not only time consuming and cumbersome but error prone. Bulk-edit is not any better as you still have to cut and paste and interface with the Postman UI.

Please consider loading environments that are managed to load variables from a system file path.

In addition. Please note, private keys used for testing are refreshed and have to manually updated using the UI today.

Thank you.

An import function in the Manage Environments popup would be nice, seeing as download/export already exists.

@pshah, if this is a huge obstacle for you, you can hack around the problem by writing a pre-request script that reads from a file and manipulates an evironment.

For interactive use, the script needs to be placed on the collection level to execute before every request.
If you run collections regularly, you should probably use the newman runtime which already supports passing an environment file.