New code snippets?

I would like to add new code snippets, but I’m not sure which repository I should clone. or

Yeah. I get your confusion. We have a jumbled up importing process for this module. Let me check if @abhijitkane can shed some more light.

One thing I’m sure is that it is definitely not the Kong repository. We forked a while back and then did some internal forks too AFAIK.

Nice, thank you for your response.

I have another doubt.
I don’t have much experience with node.js, so this may be a dumb question.

I cloned postmanlabs’ project and added a new language, but I’m having trouble testing it.

When I execute the following command it generates a empty .java file:

bin/httpsnippet test/fixtures/requests/full.json --target java --client okhttp --output ./snippets

if I run the httpsnippet command alone it works well for the existing targets. But for the new language, it generates a file with ‘false’ on the inside because it can’t recognize it.

How can I update httpsnippet command?