Newman htmlextra reporter - More user input needed 😀

Hey folks :wave:

It’s been a while now since I first created a new HTML reporter for Newman. I have modified and changed different parts of the report over time but I would really love some more input from the Postman community, to help me improve the reports even more.

Any suggestions, improvements, issues or whatever, are very welcome! :slight_smile:

If you’ve used the reporter already, that’s awesome! Thank you! :trophy:

For people wanting to give it a go, you can install the NPM package locally and give it a go.

If you wanted to try before you buy - Here is an example report for you to take a look at and click through the different parts.

Thank you!! :star:


All the prasies for your excellent work aside, full marks for the “try before you buy” link! :trophy: :100:

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First at all thank you for you job and thank you for share it with us.
we use daily your report and we think that is great .
The only think is the size of the HTML Page .
Just one point
We run 500 iteration of the same collection with different data and the size of the report it around 200 MB . Maybe need to find a way to load dynamically the request and repose data and not insert it inside the HTML .
Best Regards ant thank you again


Great example report. Thank you so much spending effort on these and make our life easier. Starwars quotes: “May the force always be with you”. :upside_down_face:

Just an suggestion that:
1.) Appreciate if you can enhance it further like Gitlab CI dashboard. At one glance, all the stakeholders are able to look at the whole scenario. Dashboard will show with colors that collection names, descriptions, iterations, assertions, response times, data file names that we are executed with newman or even better with which lines in json file that it hits error. Just an example idea that may make your day with following link

2.) Moreover, I notice that there is no pie chart for it. Probably you can consider develop it.

3.) Unfortunately the runner itself couldn’t select or pick any collection stored in team workspace. Otherwise, it should made the report more perfect by identify which collection are actually runned by using team member workspace, it can show which members are actually executed it.

Thanks much! :pray:

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Thanks for the feedback :heart:

The default static report is generated from the Summary Object from Newman and the more information that is added into the collection (More Folders, More Requests, More Tests, More Console Log Statements etc.) times by the number of Iterations, will make the static report continue to grow in size.

I love that people want to continue to use the default template but sometimes, this just contains too much information - The way I think about the output, Is asking myself who is it for? What information would be valuable to them? What do they actually care about?

If the receiver of the report wants to know all the request/response details from X request inside X folder on the 356th iteration, then report as it is, provides that value. If they just want a very high level view of Collection run, that’s where the beauty of creating a new custom template comes in and you can tailor the information captured and ultimately reduce the size of the file report.

Thank you for your feedback and the suggestions :trophy:

I think the context of the report differs from the information that the gitlab-ci-dashboard would provide. If it’s a case of displaying certain relevant and important information on a one-page dashboard, that can be achieved with a new custom template.

It’s just a case of deciding what’s useful to have on that page, the Collection and run details are available to you.

Things like adding different charts (bar, pie, doughnut, etc.) are simple enough but it’s just a case of styling and getting the layout right, as you can see, just dumping something at the bottom of a page looks a bit nasty :frowning:

I’m not too sure what you mean on your 3rd point, would you be able to explain this more or maybe provide an example?

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Hey Danny,

Thank you and major Kudo’s for the detailed documentation on your Report. I’ve used postman for a couple of years and haven’t had much luck in getting “Reporters” to work. I got yours working on the first try!!!

I like your report format and plan on using it.


Hi Danny… congrats for your work! I’m using it a lot, it’s exactely what I needed. I even tried to make some adjustments on the template, although it’s my very first time with HBS templates.

I have a question, I cannot get my SOAP response body to be formatted with the pretty print css class. I get the whole response in one huge line. Have you heard of other people having a similar issue? Could it be the HTTP headers?

Take a look at this image

Let me know if you have any suspect :slight_smile:

Also, for newer versions, could you add a Copy to Clipboard button to the request body as well?

I’m using newman-reporter-htmlextra@1.8.6

Hey @obisignano-c,

Thank you for using the reporter!! :trophy:

Can you update to the latest version, currently 1.8.8 and give it another go, please? :slight_smile:

It should print those responses like this:

It’s a short term fix at the moment but hopefully, it makes life easier for you.

I’ve also added a Copy to Clipboard button for the request body :slight_smile:

You rock man! It works perfectly, thanks for your quick response… I’ll let you know if I find something else that could be interesting to enhance, but this
definitely does my life better these days J

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