Newman is not a reconized as a internal or external comman

Windows guy, and need help using newman.

Trying to following directions here to run a collection via command line:

when running newman command:
newman run my_collection.json

I get:
newman’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I understand it can’t find it, neither could I. And maybe I need to specify the path.

I think I found it here?

How does this work on Window 10?


Try this …

no luck, I still get the same error

was forced to specify the full path.


The installers don’t do a very good job installing on wondows.

Ran into a similar issue:

While newman was executable both from command line and powershell, running tests in TeamCity failed since it could not locate newman (or any other npm installed CLIs).

Solution (in my case):
Move npm path from user environment to system environment and restart TeamCity.

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+1 arueckauer as this worked for me as well. Thanks