Ordering calls in Collection Runner



I am trying to figure out how best to handle the ordering of requests made in collection runner. As I understand it the default behavior is to start at the “top” of the lists and iterate through the calls in the order in which they are listed. This can be changed using “postman.setNextRequest()” to set up the next call in the sequence. This, generally, works but I am having an issue with the place in the collection to start.

If your collection contains sub folders there does not appear to be a way to put a root level API call first (before the folders). The example being I have a call that fetches an JWT Token. This call has to be made before any other call in the collection. If I then want to (for management of things) have a folder in the collection there is no apparent way to say “set the first request to getToken”. Has anyone come up with a creative way of handling this? I realize I can do things like get rid of the folders but that is less then ideal…