Postman 7.1 is out with APIs, schema support, versioning, and tagging


We’re excited to announce the launch of the newest version of Postman! Postman 7.1, available now, includes the ability to create APIs directly within the app. This addition places the API in its own tab, at the center of the Postman user experience, as a first-class element in the development workflow. This new release of Postman also includes schema support and editing, API versioning, and version tagging. Now, every aspect of API development, from designing a schema to building out test suites and generating live documentation, can be completed start-to-finish without leaving the Postman app.

Full blog post here!


There isn’t much mentioned about “schema” support.

Can someone elaborate more on this on how it can support/effect testing?
Can I upload a schema and then assert if my response matches it? Currently I have my schemas defined in a pre-request script (100+ lines of code) at the collection level.

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Assertions against schemas are not available yet but we are working towards it. Eventually yes, you should be able to keep a common set of schemas inside the API abstraction and use them across multiple collections. :slight_smile:


Good to know that 7.1 is out. Can you help with the cookies issue.
K.thulsi doss


What does it actually mean to define a test suite, integration test or contract test for an API? I can click the button and have a contract test show up in the UI, but how do I edit it? How do I run it? What actually is it? Maybe I’m just dumb, but I cannot figure out at all how any of this API stuff is supposed to be used in practice, and the documentation for it seems to be nonexistent.

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We are updating documentation as of this writing and will also have more blog posts on the topic. The underlying data model for all kinds of tests in Postman are Collections (We might have more in the future). You can create collections, write tests inside them, and then tag them to the appropriate version of the API.

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