Postman > Bit Bucket Integration



I’m new to the whole reposity/Git thing, so apologies.

Is it possible to integrate Postman with BitBucket, I know Postman can integrate with GitHub.

Ideally, I want to have my test collections shared with the company that the other guys can run locally.
But also have “stable” versions of these test collections which are ran in our CI (TeamCity).
I know I can do this by just duplicating the test collection for now, but I’d like something like the above.

I’m open to suggestions if others do something similar.



I like the idea integrating postman collections into a git. In our case we’d prefer to work with a local gitlab instance & repository (where all of our work is done) to enable pushing the tests to the dev branches where they belong.
Are there any considerations on that for future releases of postman integrations?



Yep. As soon as we get some breathing room. The last time I checked, the Bitbucket API was an issue here.


I would like to be able to figure this out also. Strangely, Jira was simpler.


We have a bitbucket pipeline and use the docker newman as end-to-end test to verify the happy paths after every push.

The collection is shared in the cloud. And the Environment is exported form postman, imported in the bitbucket repository.

- docker run -v $(pwd):/etc/newman -t postman/newman_ubuntu1404 run "[fillInYourOwnId]" --environment="./src/test/resources/newman/non_prod_env.json"

We don’t use npm during the build, that is why we chose docker newman.


Would love to see this happen.


Our company would benefit from this as Bitbucket is the primary source control system.


Yes, please add BitBucket support as an integration option for git.


+1 here, would also love to see that feature ASAP)


+1 for this (few months back I saved a feature request for this


Is not any way to automatically save or sync collections from/to Git in the free version of Postman?