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We are using postman(6.6.1) newman team license. We have a Jenkins job up and running to execute collections using newman for our services testing.

I am looking for a way to publish simple services status like (200 OK) in a graphical form into a webpage. If I execute my collection (with set of GET /POST calls to ping the server) it should generate a page. This status page should be accessible by our team.

Options explored:

  1. Tried generating a HTML report. It is generating the report in the same directory where newman is executed. How to publish just the green and red status of the integration services status in a web page.

With the above approach one has to go to jenkins server to access the results report. I do not want details like response or headers. We would like to show the service name and ping status in a web page. It should show just red or green some thing like this.

  1. I also came across data dog integration. If I integrate postman with datadog can I accomplish the above requirement?

  2. Is there a slack channel to ask questions about newman/postman? Pl share the name of the slack channel and how to get access to it.

I continued this conversation in a private message but I wanted to add part/general gist of the messages here too for other people…

"I was messing for a few minutes and created this template, based on an example collection that I run locally when testing. The Status column would be a green box and a tick if the status code is 200, or red box and a cross for anything else.

You can get the sample test.hbs file from here:

Copy the file locally and use the --reporter-htmlextra-template flag in the cli to reference the file location.

Example Newman command:

newman run collection.json -e environment.json -r htmlextra --reporter-htmlextra-export test.html --reporter-htmlextra-template test.hbs

This isn’t a perfect solution but it’s hopefully going to show you something simple that can be done."

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