Postman Snap package

I would be great if Postman could be delivered/distributed as a Snap package ( for Linux distributions. Snap package would take care updates without any user interaction.


Interesting. Thanks for the idea! We are looking into our installation process and Linux distribution channels.

As a fedora user I would +1 the idea for a snap so it’s super simple to install and continue receiving new updates to portman automatically. +1

Even Skype is going into a snappkg :slight_smile:

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I am also interested in this feature

I was actually looking for a snap package when i got here. So for that feature +1. Its annoying to keep doing the upgrade manually while the app itself detects there is a new version released.

Hey everyone, we are actually working on coming up with a streamlined auto update flow for our Linux app, would update here once it is out. Thanks for your patience.

cc @SamvelRaja @harryi3t

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Linux update is here now, sharing the blog post for reference.