Postman Tutorials?



I’ve noticed there are forum badges for users who complete the “new user tutorial” and “Completed our advanced user tutorial”

Where are these?? :S


Go here:

Look for the "Certified badge (Completed our new user tutorial) “Licensed” badge (Completed our advanced user tutorial).

EDIT: But… actually doing that doesn’t lead you to the tutorial. :frowning:


It appears as though the tutorial has been removed. My assumption is, it is due to the number of updates made to the software and keeping the tutorial up-to-date was no longer possible. :disappointed:


Unrelated but we recently launched Lessons in Postman, which are like in-app tutorials that help you get started with different Postman features. You can read more about them here.

Any sort of feedback would be much appreciated. :smile:


But does completing it give you a sweet badge on this forum? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m asking the important questions here haha


Not yet, but we are actually working on a reward system for the learning centre, this is an interesting take on the problem, would keep it in mind. :stuck_out_tongue: