RAW view in response

It would be very useful raw view in response with pretty JSON response. Because in Pretty mode the errors weren’t viewed. Then I switch to raw view, note the errors, finally switch back to pretty mode to check every JSON response. As I see this feaure in another application, shows errors first in html then beautiful json format in Pretty view.

You can use the console to see the raw view in parallel with the pretty view: https://www.getpostman.com/docs/postman/sending_api_requests/debugging_and_logs

Thanks. But stated in screenshot, you see the error in HTML and JSON still in pretty format. I trace errors by this way.

Hi @lemonsoftltd!

What version of Postman are you using? The UI in your screenshot looks a bit different. Here’s what the Postman console looks like on our 5.3.2 version looks like:

If you’re using an older version, you can download the most recent native app here.

My screenshot was from another app - insomnia. I use Postman for Windows Version 5.3.2 win32 10.0.14393 / x64. I hope to see response with or without error, in the same area, also response JSON in pretty style, not like in raw style. If it is not possible, this feature request can be deleted. Thanks.