Request Generation from WSDL


I use Postman all the time, and I love it!

However, I work with both REST and SOAP services and I find that I have to keep leaving Postman to use another tool (like the Postman-wannabe, Boomerang, in Chrome) to generate the appropriate requests from a WSDL, so I can copy & paste the resulting XML into Postman for ongoing testing.

I know that SOAP is old school, but some of us have to keep integrating with it, and I expect that will continue to be the case for way too long to come! I wish Postman could read WSDLs, too!


I’m in the same situation as you too. Does it have this function now?


This is actually pretty NB


Yes Pelase.
Soap UI have this feature but the UX/UI is so bad.


Wouldnhe an awesome feature