Right Click Drag & Drop to Copy

I’m building out a toolbox that would allow developers to simulate various traffic flows by copying a template from the ‘toolbox’ into a Folder to run. In this picture The “Steps to Copy” folder has all the templates/tools that would be used in other folders. The “Example Steps to Run” holds the steps that I would execute in the Runner.

Currently, I need to right-click a request and choose “Duplicate” then drag that copy down to the new folder. It is pretty much a standard that right-click drag/drop gives you the choice to move or copy. Having that ability in Postman would be very helpful.

This has been a pain point of mine for the life of using Postman. I don’t understand how they have yet to add it.

There has been a “Feature Request” open on this since Dec 2016. You can check out the request on Github

Please add more comments to this as well so maybe we can make them finally do something about the lack of this feature that is desperately needed.