Temporary Header Values

Hey, i need to catch some values which are generated as temporary header values. i need to catch the oauth code which is generated as temporary header value to get the access token.is there anyway to save thad oauth code to variable.

Hey @enadocganith,

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You could use the pm.request.headers.get() function to capture the value of the header.

For example, adding this to the Tests tab would set the Authorization header, as the token environment variable.

pm.environment.set('token', pm.request.headers.get('Authorization'))

Is this what you were looking to do?


@dannydainton Thank you for the solution and the fast replying.it’s very appreciated. it really helped me.but i need to know how to catch these values which i have numbered on the image that i have attached.

  1. code (inside the Request Body).
  2. access_token (inside Response Body).

You’re welcome. :trophy:

This question seems to have now morphed into wanting to get the values from the Headers to you wanting to get the values from a Request and a Response.

At this point, it would probably be really helpful to take a look through the learning centre to get up to speed with the way that the Postman sandbox works and features available within it.

We also have an in-app Bootcamp which is packed full of interactive lessons, it will guide you through some of the application’s awesome features.

For your particular problem, you could use something like this, in the Tests sandbox, to log the values to the Postman Console:


Once you’re happy with the values, you will be able to set them as variables using the syntax as previously mentioned.