Temporary Headers


Is there a way to turn off sending of “Temporary Headers”? I don’t want to pollute requests sent to our server.

Any help appreciated.



Hi @chrisheb,

Welcome to Postman! Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off “Temporary Headers” since adding headers is required for the request to go through otherwise you will have to provide it manually. This is the same as browsers / other clients do.


That’s unfortunate. Temporary headers made my work with postman very uncomfortable:

  1. I do requests in postman, but after all I need to generate cURL;
  2. I click [Code] and get сURL/HTTP/what-ever-code with unnecessary headers, which I have manually delete.

I’d like to have an option do not have temporary headers in code snippets:


I think it should auto generate them by default but allow us to remove/edit them. There are cases where we need to change then and it won’t let us. My example is this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28093586/send-file-with-postman-to-laravel-api?rq=1 The accepted answer is to remove the content type header but it won’t let me.


Completely agree with @emmanvazzbs. It’s nice to have these parameters to have auto populated, but there should be a way to disable, delete these.


I too need a way to disable the inclusion of “temporary headers” in the cUrls Postman generates. My APIs are all more machine to machine than browser to machine in any event. These temporary headers are really overreach.

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+100500 to @jaykhimani.
I’d like to compose a test suite where several users do actions (APIKEY, POST logins, GETs, user cookies). If there are temp.headers it’s so easy to call a request with an inpropriate cookie and forget to add API KEY especially during test case design. I don’t want to always keep in mind the temp.headers state while doing test design.


Yeah that’s why I said not remove it completely, but allow user to decide whether he/she wants those temporary headers for specific test or not. User should have the flexibility on whether suh headers should be added or not.