Unable to connect to postman interceptor

I am using VMWare and have my postman installed but i am unable to connect to postman interceptor from chrome to postman app. Please help me on this

Hey @sahani! If you’re using our native app, do you have Interceptor Bridge installed? You may find this page of our docs helpful in connecting the two.

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Hi @claire

I am having likewise problems. I am using the Postman v7.8.0-canary02 version of postman. I just downloaded the latest update and when I started Postman again the interceptor was disconnected even though the Interceptor Bridge is installed.
I have tried re-installing the Interceptor Bridge but to no succes.

Any ideas on what else I could do?

Hi @sahani,

I removed the interceptor extension in chrome and re-added the interceptor extension in chrome. Restarted my postman app and now the interceptor is connected again. This might work for you aswell.

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Hey @Palmju — great to hear! Thanks for sharing what worked for you :grin: