Workflow change: Add hotkey for defined request


My workflow is based around testing apps/components that needs a working SAML 2.0 token for my requests to go through. Postman does not support SAML 2.0, so I have to create a request to get my token before starting the testing.

The saml-token has a timeout, and after that timeout I have to swap from the current chain / test context I am in - to the request that will give me a new valid token. To find this request I often have to scroll through one of several collections, and it feels very frustrating to do so each X minutes.

It would be very nice if I could define the request that gives me a token to a set hotkey. So that when my token must be renewed, I can just hit and it would execute the query. If this could happen in the background without switching out of the current request I am working in that would be very nice, but not a must.