Would like to integrate Postman results with JIRA XRay

Need some help to get the Postman Results integrated with the XRay test cases.

Hey @itzsiddam

I’m not too familiar with that tool and how those results are uploaded/imported.

Would you be able to explain this in a bit more detail, please?

Something that you could look into is using Newman with a Custom Reporter - You could create your own reporter and feed the results back to XRay (maybe using the JIRA API or something).

More information about Custom Reporters can be found here: https://github.com/postmanlabs/newman#creating-your-own-reporter

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the response. Currently we are using JIRA and would like Postman integrated with it so that we can send the reports back to JIRA and update the user stories accordingly. The test case we have in JIRA have the corresponding API tests in Postman. So the ask is whenever there is a deployment related to these test cases after i execute the test scripts in Postman the results should be automatically updated to the related test cases in JIRA. Your help in this regard is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Are you running these as part of your CI/CD pipeline using Newman?

We want to eventually, but for now i would like to see how can i get JIRA updated with the Postman results

If you’re not running your Collections with Newman, getting the results will be a bit more involved.

I would guess that you would need to use pm.sendRequest() in multiple places to push these over or store the results as you go through the Collection, then have a final request send them over via the JIRA API.

Using Newman would make this a lot less painful as you could use one of the many reporters to export the data in a cleaner way.

I don’t think that there is one created for JIRA but there is a community created one for confluence, that might get you closer to what you need.

Hi Danny, thanks for the information. I have tried using the commands mentioned in the link to export results into the Confluence page. But when executing the command its says Access Denied. How can i export the Postman API results into a specific folder in confluence?


We are using X-Ray for JIRA as well. Or test collections run in Bamboo using Newman and then we have customized the JUNIT Newman Reporter to publish in a format that X-Ray can understand and import our tests into JIRA. All of our tests now are automatically imported into JIRA and show results.


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I massively encourage you to publish that reporter for the whole community to benefit from @mick.mcbride.

You know for sure there’s someone here that would get value from it but I’m sure many other Postman uses would too :trophy:


I forgot that we already have it published.


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I know I personally got a lot out of creating htmlextra and seeing different folks using it so hopefully seeing more people using this will do the same.