Does Postman Support AWS Signature V4?

I need to sign my postman requests to AWS. AWS signing is supported in the authorization tab. But I can’t find what version of signature it supports. It doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the docs either. Does it support AWS Signature V4?




You shouldn’t have any issues using Postman’s AWS auth to sign your requests.
We are using it to directly call several different AWS services including, STS, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch, etc.
As long as you have the AccessKey and SecretKey set correctly it should work. If you are calling a service such as DynamoDB you also will need to set AWS Region and Service Name in order for the request to be signed correctly.
It took us a little while to figure out how to get each different service to work with Postman as weren’t many example online of how to do it with Postman.
If you’re having issues with a specific service let me know, we might have a solution.


Thanks Mick, it seems to work fine!