POST/CON 2019 - The Postman User Conference

POST/CON 2019: Postman’s 2nd Annual User Conference

Building Connected Software - Learnings, how-to’s, and perspective from API publishers, developers, and industry experts. Plus, a full-day pre-conference learning workshop, on using Postman!

Last year’s event sold out, both the workshop and the conference. Buy your ticket now!

Agenda, learning tracks, and speaker bios coming soon.

Who should attend:

  • Devs using Postman just as a REST Client. Postman is a powerful REST client, but also a complete API development platform. POST/CON will help you learn all of the rich features of Postman, beyond sending a request and examining a response. Create collections, use variables and environments, add tests; move on to advanced features of automated testing, documentation, and monitoring.
  • Developer Teams using Postman. Postman has powerful collaboration tools for teams, who use it for front-end and back-end development, DevOps, QA, and API publishing. POST/CON will have presentations on each feature of Postman, with real-world examples
  • Postman Experts. You’re comfortable with most features of Postman, and use it regularly. Come to POST/CON to learn from other experts, about test automation, integrations, the Postman API and other advanced applications of Postman.

Early-bird tickets end on May 31, click here to RSVP

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